LinuxFest NW

I’ll be talking about what a civic hacking organization looks like at Linux Fest NorthWest in April. Code for Seattle is a brigade of civic-minded hackers. We’ll talk about how we’ve organized hackathons, a weekly meetup, and successfully navigated the government bureaucracy as a small group of volunteers.


Finally got a new server up and running. It’s interesting to go through the setup process every once in a while to see what parts of it are still hardware. I also got to explore some new corners of the process, like dealing with the remote admin interface, and structuring DNS and NICs across multiple… Continue reading Server

Open Tech Fund

I’m excited to be supported by the Open Technology Fund on my research of activist.js. I’ve found myself in highly esteemed company, and hope to live up to goals of program. Will Scott, a graduate student in the Networking Lab at the University of Washington, will continue his work on Activist.js, a tool that helps… Continue reading Open Tech Fund


I had a great start of the year visiting Switzerland. I got to meet a bunch of people at ETH, and hear about some of the cool projects that they’re working on – like Barrelfish, a new operating system that can better scale to machines with many CPUs. Switzerland as a country is very nice… Continue reading Zurich


I gave a talk last week at CCC in Hamburg on the state of consumer technology in Pyongyang. It’s available for streaming online. Images shown in the talk are available.

SPD Hackathon

Scott said he’s setting aside his innate skepticism about working with police. “If we want them to work for us, how can they do that if we don’t tell them what we want?” he said. -Seattle Times

Code for Seattle 2015

An exercise I’m in the process of completing is thinking about how we’d like to see the code for seattle organization grow and evolve in 2015. For reference, the document is beginning to taking shape and will live for posterity on the organization website. I’m really excited about the trajectory that the code for america… Continue reading Code for Seattle 2015