Coordination, or Attention

A current meme is that one of the major points of limitation in our ability to execute is coordination systems. The claim, which is somewhat enticing, is that our communities are already incredibly powerful, but we lack the coordination systems to reliably be productive together, or to scale up the types of systems we can… Continue reading Coordination, or Attention

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A topic of conversation recently has focused on the practicality of Decimal time. Days would have 10 hours, each with 100 minutes. I recently completed a side project of converting an old clock to use decimal time. (If you aren’t willing to switch to decimal time fully, there’s an web version as well.)


I was fortunate enough to graduate from the University of Washington’s Computer Science and Engineering PhD program this spring. It has been an amazing five years, due in large part to an amazing group of colleagues.


Turkey today blocked access to Gezi Park. I’ve just returned from a trip to Turkey and Cyprus where I stayed near the park for a week, and had the opportunity to see the vibrant discussion and civic engagement occurring in the run-up to the election next week. It was an amazing adventure – each place… Continue reading Turkey

College Reunion

I spent last weekend at my 5 year college reunion. It was fantastic to see everyone again – and reminds me how incredibly lucky I was to find the community I did at college. Also: What Drought?


I got up to Whistler for the first (and likely last) skiing of the season this weekend. It’s been a low snow year – enough that the local areas have already started closing, and whistler had given up on their first lift worth of runs and had manmade snow from mid-mountain down. The skiing was… Continue reading Whistler


Took a bike ride up to the north end of the lake yesterday to celebrate the unusually clement weather. It was great to get outside again.

Return to Seattle

It’s only due to the times I’ve spent away that I’ve realized how great it is to live in Seattle. I’m settling back in after a fall on the east coast, and getting ready for a productive winter & spring in Seattle. In particular, I’m excited to get back to building, freedom.js, and measurement.


Spent the weekend in Ithaca visiting college friends. Somewhat colder than the city, but not miserably so. A very pleasant break from the routine, although work has certainly come crashing back this week. Come see me at TA3M this evening!