Building Decentralization

I talked earlier this week on some of the current problems in decentralization at the rc3 event. It’s easy to be pessimistic about the current silo’d technological landscape, but decentralized platforms are continuing to make progress and there’s reason to be hopeful. At the same time, there’s a green field of many more decentralized protocols… Continue reading Building Decentralization


I’m very excited to have two talks at CCC at the end of the month. The bulk of accepted talks can be seen and voted on at the CCC “halfnarp”. The first talk is on the Internet in Cuba. It expands upon the recent talk I presented at IMC last month, to provide additional color… Continue reading 34C3

The state of Internet Censorship

I’ll be presenting next week at 32C3 on the state of Internet access, transparency, and measurement. Lots of the work is done each year on measuring and learning about the state of access, but this phenomenon with growing relevance to many countries is poorly publicized. Much of this is a fear that being too public… Continue reading The state of Internet Censorship


I gave a talk last week at CCC in Hamburg on the state of consumer technology in Pyongyang. It’s available for streaming online. Images shown in the talk are available.


I spent the last four days at 30C3, the annual Chaos Communication Congress. It was great to put faces to names, and to get to interact with a bunch of people I’ve met online. It was also really interesting to compare the congress with academic conferences I’ve been to previously, and to think about which… Continue reading CCC