I got around to taking screenshots of RedStar 3, which hasn’t really made its way onto the internet yet. It really does look mac-like, and is using a skin that as far as I can tell is custom made rather than being modified from an existing Linux theme. Apps are packaged using a mac-like folder… Continue reading RedStar

Experimenting with 802.11s

The purpose of this document is an explanation of what is defined in the IEEE 802.11s standard, and the states of current implementations based on this standard. 802.11s is the standardization of mesh networking. That is to say that it defines a protocol for mobile devices where they can communicate amongst themselves even when not directly connected, and can route data beyond their immediate environment.

Cornel Visit Days

This is just a recounting of my visit days at cornell, so that I can keep it fresh in my head when I want to reflect on it in the future. Flight sucked – sat in pain with a migraine between Cleveland and Syracuse – it let up about when we landed, and I’m blaming… Continue reading Cornel Visit Days

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Torrent Auditor

I have now migrated the python torrent client that I’ve been working on to a google code project. It lives at torrentauditor and now has basic support for actually downloading torrent files. I researched the bittorrent extension protocols this week, but was somewhat frustrated by what I found. Most of the interesting ones are implemented… Continue reading Torrent Auditor

Auditing Bit torrent

One of the strengths of bit torrent is that the primary data transfer protocol is entirely separate from the advertisement protocol. This also has created a strain both in discovering other users who have data, and keeping accurate reports of data that was transfered. The first issue is one that has been developed for extensively,… Continue reading Auditing Bit torrent