Torrent Auditor

I have now migrated the python torrent client that I’ve been working on to a google code project.

It lives at torrentauditor and now has basic support for actually downloading torrent files.

I researched the bittorrent extension protocols this week, but was somewhat frustrated by what I found. Most of the interesting ones are implemented on a per-client basis, and aren’t well documented outside of that client. The Vuze client it turns out switches to an entirely different application specific protocol when it meets another client of the same time. The libtorrent based clients do much the same thing, although they send their additional messages over the existing connection.

However, the good news is that the basic protocol is friendly enough that it can be implemented without major trouble. I chose to focus on in-order reading for now simply for simplicity sake, although it is highly inefficient.

One goal that I’m going to try to focus on a bit in the next weeks as I have time, is to be able to extract frames of videos from downloaded data. For my digital animation class I would like to make an automated program that stitches together frames / short clips of videos entirely automatically – a visual representation of the swarm.