I’m super happy to see actually exist. The iconathon occurred at code-across america last month, and with a bit of polish it should have an outcome of a cool set of open icons for use around the city.

I took the next step on recommended security practices by upgrading to https-only, and enabling spdy on the server. Still don’t have optimal cipher strengths, which will require some additional algorithm preference tweaking.


I got around to taking screenshots of RedStar 3, which hasn’t really made its way onto the internet yet. It really does look mac-like, and is using a skin that as far as I can tell is custom made rather than being modified from an existing Linux theme. Apps are packaged using a mac-like folder… Continue reading RedStar


I spent the last four days at 30C3, the annual Chaos Communication Congress. It was great to put faces to names, and to get to interact with a bunch of people I’ve met online. It was also really interesting to compare the congress with academic conferences I’ve been to previously, and to think about which… Continue reading CCC

Code for America

I’m super excited to help out Code for America, by volunteering as a Code for Seattle brigade captain over the next year. The parent organization and local chapter are focused on encouraging Civic Hacking – getting programmers to volunteer time towards improving our local community. This to me is the flip-side of government transparency, where… Continue reading Code for America

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