Browserify-Override is a quick attempt I made at making a module for node.js. It allows the user to patch the output of browserify – a program which converts node.js modules into a browser-loadable format.

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Chrome Proxy

Proxxy had its best installation day ever yesterday. I have no clue why. Usage is at about 2500 users, up from 1500 this summer.

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Measuring page speed

There is a large amount of effort spent in the networking community in an attempt to minimize latency.  It would be really great if the data I transfer could take a geographically efficient route, and if the things I ask for get sent back.  It turns out that reality lags a bit behind this ideal.… Continue reading Measuring page speed

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A quick screenshot of what I’m doing for my distributed computing final project. I’m calling it friend.s for now, although I’m not totally satisfied with that name. It’s a cross-platform piece of software that brings elements of peer-to-peer communication into your web browser. The goal is to be able to eventually offer a completely decentralized… Continue reading proxy2p

Distributed Computing so far

I gave a half-hour presentation on my research at the admitted students weekend earlier.  I think I was able to convey some sense of the opportunities that Mudd offers for research, and presented a reasonable face of what it could look like. The talk was an explanation of the concepts behind distributed hash tables, and… Continue reading Distributed Computing so far

Experimenting with 802.11s

The purpose of this document is an explanation of what is defined in the IEEE 802.11s standard, and the states of current implementations based on this standard. 802.11s is the standardization of mesh networking. That is to say that it defines a protocol for mobile devices where they can communicate amongst themselves even when not directly connected, and can route data beyond their immediate environment.