Return to Seattle

It’s only due to the times I’ve spent away that I’ve realized how great it is to live in Seattle. I’m settling back in after a fall on the east coast, and getting ready for a productive winter & spring in Seattle. In particular, I’m excited to get back to building, freedom.js, and measurement.

SPD Hackathon

Scott said he’s setting aside his innate skepticism about working with police. “If we want them to work for us, how can they do that if we don’t tell them what we want?” he said. -Seattle Times

Code for Seattle 2015

An exercise I’m in the process of completing is thinking about how we’d like to see the code for seattle organization grow and evolve in 2015. For reference, the document is beginning to taking shape and will live for posterity on the organization website. I’m really excited about the trajectory that the code for america… Continue reading Code for Seattle 2015

I’m super happy to see actually exist. The iconathon occurred at code-across america last month, and with a bit of polish it should have an outcome of a cool set of open icons for use around the city.