I spent the last couple days in a workshop at Columbia University. First time I remember being there, and a nice place. I’ve heard lots of stories from my parents, and it was quite interesting to see those fitted onto a physical location. The network research community continues to be incredibly smart and exciting to… Continue reading Columbia


Had a very nice dinner last night at Soto last night. I’m not exactly sold on the foodie thing, but that doesn’t mean the experience wasn’t enjoyable. Now it’s back to work with a couple looming paper deadlines and a bunch of coding I want to get done for the internship.

New York

I’m living in New York this fall. It has been nice to begin to hit a routine here, although there are still plenty of places to optimize. My only other previous big city experience was in Beijing, and NYC is different in many ways, but has much of the same raw energy and constant bustling… Continue reading New York


Now that I have a non-biking commute I’m excited to start reading more. I’m not sure I buy into the whole good-reads thing that Amazon is pushing on me, but the kindle form factor is nice in that it’s small enough to fit in my back pocket and pull out on the subway. Also interesting,… Continue reading kindle

Public & Private

I have ended up spending more time than I was expecting over that last few months struggling to figure out where I stand on how much of ones life should be public versus private. I’ve found myself being more private over the last year, somewhat to my dismay, and yet have felt increasingly uncomfortable being… Continue reading Public & Private

Finishing College

I am now one final away from being done with college. It’s a strange feeling. Rather than looking back, it’s more fun to look forwards: * I need to find a way to spend more time in China, so that the time I’ve spent studying the language can pay off. * I need to keep… Continue reading Finishing College

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