WordPress is now configured to my liking, which has taken a turn to the minimalistic.
Some additional work may eventually go into making the comments fit better into the rest of the theme, and making some of the sidebar features fit in more naturally. Otherwise though I’m really happy with how it came out.

The next step will be to setup a google wave plugin that synchronizes posts between the two systems, because that would be cool.

In real life, it’s winter break. One more semester until I finish college. Some amount of neurosing over what to do with my life. But pretty happy overall.


  1. in IE running under winxp I get an alert box saying “navigation selecter not found” when I first load your site and when I click on the icons at the top of the side bar.

    1. I’m still fiddling with some settings, so that’s to be expected. If you check it again, those alerts should go away now. In newer browsers you can now just keep scrolling to go through the entire history.

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