Modern OS

Welcome to Modern Operating Systems. This page will expand to provide a complete set of course materials covering much of a typical undergraduate operating systems syllabus.


1Introduction to Operating SystemsPart 1
Part 2
PDFOSPP Chapter 1
OSC Chapter 1
2The System Call InterfacePart 1
Part 2
PDFOSPP Chapter 2
OSC 2.1-2.4; 21.2
3Interrupts and Privilege Modes
6Address Translation
7Virtual Memory
9Kernel Design
10Sockets and File Descriptors
11Blocking and Polling
12The IO Bus
13System Startup
14Case Study: The Android System
15File Systems
16Files and Directories
17Device Drivers
18Remote File Systems



Project structure and recommendation is forthcoming.


The structure of lectures will be most closely aligned with ‘Operating Systems: Principles and Practice‘ (OSPP) by Anderson and Dahlin (purchase).

Sections will also be given for ‘Operating System Concepts‘ (OSC) by Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne. This presents a view closer to the code of many mechanisms, and provides its own set freely available slides to accompany the curriculum. (purchase)