Took a bike ride up to the north end of the lake yesterday to celebrate the unusually clement weather. It was great to get outside again.

Return to Seattle

It’s only due to the times I’ve spent away that I’ve realized how great it is to live in Seattle. I’m settling back in after a fall on the east coast, and getting ready for a productive winter & spring in Seattle. In particular, I’m excited to get back to building, freedom.js, and measurement.


I had a great start of the year visiting Switzerland. I got to meet a bunch of people at ETH, and hear about some of the cool projects that they’re working on – like Barrelfish, a new operating system that can better scale to machines with many CPUs. Switzerland as a country is very nice… Continue reading Zurich


Spent the weekend in Ithaca visiting college friends. Somewhat colder than the city, but not miserably so. A very pleasant break from the routine, although work has certainly come crashing back this week. Come see me at TA3M this evening!


Visited the Stormking Sculpture Garden north of New York City today with friends from College who have made their way out east. This part of the country can also be pretty, although in a different and much flatter way than Seattle. It has also already gotten colder than a normal winter, which is quite a… Continue reading Stormking


I spent the last couple days in a workshop at Columbia University. First time I remember being there, and a nice place. I’ve heard lots of stories from my parents, and it was quite interesting to see those fitted onto a physical location. The network research community continues to be incredibly smart and exciting to… Continue reading Columbia


Had a very nice dinner last night at Soto last night. I’m not exactly sold on the foodie thing, but that doesn’t mean the experience wasn’t enjoyable. Now it’s back to work with a couple looming paper deadlines and a bunch of coding I want to get done for the internship.


Walked from brooklyn back to manhattan yesterday evening. It was great to chat with Justin Cappos, a professor at NYU Poly who was previously at UW. It’s valuable to get glimpses into other schools, and to start getting a sense of how phd work transitions in academia.

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New York

I’m living in New York this fall. It has been nice to begin to hit a routine here, although there are still plenty of places to optimize. My only other previous big city experience was in Beijing, and NYC is different in many ways, but has much of the same raw energy and constant bustling… Continue reading New York