June 12th Part 2 – Town

Went down to the lobby, and the cab driver I had taken was still around and offered to drive me to the mountain tomorrow. We discussed it for a while, and I hired him for all of tomorrow to take me to the mountain, the hanging monastery, and the wooden pagoda tomorrow for $50. Probably a bit much, but he’s a nice guy. We’re meeting tomorrow at 7am.

I walked around after that, and saw the in town sights. The main temples in town were somewhat disappointing. They’re under heavy renovation, so there are only a couple buildings not surrounding in scaffolding. There were all of the elements that one might expect in such a place through, so I can’t be that upset about it.

The dragon wall was pretty cool. It’s a big wall with paintings of 7 dragons on it – and apparently the largest such wall in china.

I also stopped in at a bookstore and got a couple maps of the area. There are a couple more places I’ll try and get to now. There’s a coal mining museum that’s apparently of interest, and there’s an area out of town where there’s the remnants of the datong volcano. (I’ll ask someone tomorrow what that’s about.)

Went back to the hotel for a bit, and then went out to get something to eat. Grabbed a bite, and went to a grocery store to get food and water for the morning.

Realized I was still very sleepy (it was 4pm at this point.) and went to bed until 5:30. I’m starting to get over the timezone thing, but it’ll take a few days.

The gps unit hasn’t been coping too well here, I’m not sure what the deal is, I’ve got some time now so i’ll try fiddling with it again and see if it has tracks. I’ll also try uploading some pictures in a bit.