September 23 – Mathematics

I got up at about 7:30 again, I suppose it’s become a habit by now.

I spent the morning on the internet for the most part, since I basically knew the words for the day.

I did get all but one of my math problems done in the morning.

At 11:30 I knocked on sergios door and we went and got lunch before class. We went to yet another campus restaurant, this one a small take-out place. Sergio got a crepe-like thing (you see them a lot around here, a thin layer of batter with an egg, some leek, that’s then wrapped around a crunchy piece of bread. I got a very good stir-fry, with rice, onions, beef, peppers, cabbage, carrots, etc. It was a bit more expensive than the common dining halls, but it also tasted somewhat better.

I spent some time trying to figure out how to run maze on my computer, eventually discovering that it wasn’t possible on macs. Maze appears to be the default way to share music on campus, it’s a p2p application developed by the university, and the cs department extracts usage information from the network and then publishes papers about the observed behavior.

Class was fine again, I’m still essentially on top of the material, so all’s good on that front.

After class we had a brief meeting with Prof. Wang (the director) about the plan for next week. She said that we would be touring a village and a mountain. Stuff is still pretty up in the air by the sound of it, they want us to stay in a monastery, but you can’t really book that, it’s just a matter of if they have space when you show up. we fly out to anhui on friday morning, and it should be quite a bit of fun.

Then was taiji class, he had us hold the poses a bit longer as a ‘final’, and then brought his teacher to show us what taiji looks like after 30 years, which was quite impressive.

finally, I came back to by dorm, drank some tea, and did the Chinese homework.

I basically am ready for tomorrow morning in that regard. I spent a couple hours working on the last math problem, but haven’t completed it satisfactorily yet. I’ll take another crack at it tomorrow after Chinese class, if I still can’t get it I’ll ask my tutor about it tomorrow when we meet for the first time.

Not a ton of news from today, other than that yesterday I went out to get snacks and picked up a bag of white rabbit candy, and today there was a news article that they also tested positive for the poison milk thing. I’ve only had a few, so now I’ve got a whole bag of candy that I can’t eat. sad.

Things are beginning to settle into a routine grind, and so there’s less out of the ordinary to talk about. School is as expected, and so doesn’t in my opinion warrant detailed explanations.

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