September 21 – Recovery

I woke up at 7:30 again for taiji. I definitely have a cold, which is too bad, but hopefully I’ll get over it soon. Taiji class was fine, he got through showing us the movement he wants us to make, but said it not really be reasonable to expect all to be good at it in 10 days. I do feel more flexible though, I can touch my toes without effort if that’s any sign. I rode my bike over to the class area, and then rode back to the dorm afterwards. I didn’t really get out much today, and mostly sat at my computer and felt sick. The weather outside was raining all day, which didn’t exactly help matters.

I did get out for lunch, (chao mein / fried noodles) which I had no complaints about, and stopped on my way back to pick up some white rabbit candies, and a pair of slippers, which are actually quite comfortable. Even though I wasn’t hungry I went out in the evening and got a bowl of chicken soup that tasted good.

During the day I worked on various studious things for the most part. Spent a good time going through and working on memorizing the characters so far. The new teaching style where we’re supposed to learn the characters before class Isn’t quite as easy for me to get a hang of, so those ones aren’t quite as clear in my mind yet. The other ones are all pretty much there for the test tomorrow.

I also did a few of my math problems for this wednesday, (along with the reading) wrote up my disp proposal for my Intellectual Property assignment and sent that it, and wrote most of my first assignment for my core class. (A letter reflecting on the scavenger hunt during orientation.) I also signed up for the universities bulletin board system and spent quite a while reading through posts there. It’s quite interesting, and I’m able to decipher at least some of it. There’s a skiing club, and lots of freshmen asking about where to buy things. (The skiing club goes elsewhere to ski for the most part, there’s an indoor ski area in beijing though.)

I drank a lot of tea, Noticed that my account is now power user, which means I’ll start getting invitation for that site next month.

All in all a pretty quiet day, I didn’t really have much energy, but hopefully I’ll do better tomorrow. I’ll post this tomorrow, since internet isn’t working right now. I’ll be able to buy legitimate internet tomorrow though.

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